An aquarium made from fish soup

2011-12-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Caroline Kessler
<p>8 | In South India <br>9 | Introductions <br>10 | Funny/Love/Broke <br>13 | Globicephala macrohynchus <br>14 | Postcards to a friend // Dear Joseph <br>15 | three maps of the west coast <br>16 | Diptych <br>18 | Outside the Mitzpe Ramon makhtesh <br>19 | Three versions of leaving <br>20 | How to make an aquarium out of fish soup <br>21 | A bicycle without brakes <br>23 | The trouble with desire and its siblings <br>24 | My brother & the moon <br>25 | Postcard to my brother <br>26 | Long distance Cameron <br>28 | Letter to my jaundiced baby brother <br>29 | An evening with my brother <br>30 | Ghazal for the weekend in Cleveland <br>31 | I take my brother to a rally <br>32 | Only young shoots are commonly eaten <br>33 | Savasana <br>35 | MANIFESTO OF RENEWAL IN A BRIDGE-FILLED PLACE <br>44 | Each of us is a shattered urn <br>46 | Pondicherry, Puducherry, India <br>47 | Lal Bahadur Shastri Street, or Rue de Bussy <br>49 | Experiment Involving the Body <br>51 | The Saint <br>53 | Elliot Suits <br>55 | Mirisa, Sri Lanka // The Laccadive Sea <br>57 | Sam says <br>59 | Poem for the economy <br>60 | My Chorus <br>61 | Five year plan <br>64 | Notes <br>65 | Acknowledgments</p>


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