Bibliographic Visualizations of Early Work in Neutron Diffraction

2019-03-13T15:14:44Z (GMT) by Matthew Marsteller
The literature of neutron diffraction was explored using Web of Science data and VOSviewer for data visualization. The timespan covered was from the advent of the topic through 1955 when Clifford Shull left Oak Ridge. The search query in Web of Science allowed for either "neutron diffraction" or "neutron scattering" to appear in the resulting records. Visualizations will include networks of co-authors with numbers of documents produced. Co-author groups readily appear in the visualization and allow for identification of important research teams. Shull and Ernest Wollan appear in one cluster. George Bacon of AERE, D.G Hurst and D.G Henshaw of Chalk River are easily visible as well. Other visualizations include citation networks of documents, authors or sources.