Compiled daily temperature and precipitation data for the U.S. cities

2019-07-11T19:51:19Z (GMT) by Yuchuan Lai David Dzombak
Compiled historical daily temperature and precipitation data for 210 U.S. cities.

Cities were selected based on lengths of existing climate records, which start at least earlier than 1900. However, cities may miss substantial amounts of data during their periods of record.

Each file provides available historical daily maximum and minimum temperature and daily precipitation data for one U.S. city. File was named by the city's current active weather station ID (GHCN ID).

Cities may miss daily data for certain periods of records with variable lengths (days to years) in *CITY_ID*.csv files. *CITY_ID*.fill.csv files filled the missing values for these periods with NA value to make to continuous time series from start of record to 2018.

Each city may include records from one or multiple stations. Listed latitude and longitude for each city are from the city's current active weather station.

Daily maximum and minimum temperature and daily precipitation were acquired from Applied Climate Information System (ACIS), developed by the NOAA Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC).

The historical observations from ACIS belong to Global Historical Climatological Network - daily (GHCN-D) datasets.

The included stations were based on NRCC’s “ThreadEx” project, which combined daily temperature and precipitation extremes at 255 NOAA Local Climatological Locations, representing all large and medium size cities in U.S. (Owen et al. 2006).

See included README file for more information.

ACIS database for historical observations:

Additionally, GHCN-D datasets can also be accessed at:

Station information for each city can be accessed at:

- 2019 June updated -

1. Baltimore (USW00093721) data for 2018 was updated (previously 2018 data appeared to be NA). Original files for Baltimore were removed.
2. The GHCN ID for Baltimore was updated to be the ID for Baltimore-Washington International AP. city_info file was updated accordingly.