Design Methodology for Mixed-Domain Systems-on-a-Chip

2018-06-30T01:16:54Z (GMT) by Tamal Mukherjee Gary K. Fedder
Digital design tools such as logic synthesis, semicustom layout and behavioral simulation have drastically changed the digital IC design process, enabling design of complex “systems on a chip”. The usefulness of such chips are limited in a world dominated by information that is not represented by 0s and 1s. Overcoming these limitations has led to mixed-signal, and mixed-domain technologies. We focus on design methodologies and tools to aid the design of complex microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) having large numbers of mixed-domain components. We propose a hierarchically structured design approach that is compatible with standard IC design involving a schematic approach to MEMS design, a layout synthesis strategy for cell-level design automation, and a feature-recognition based device extractor for layout verification. We present emerging results on our design methodology and tools.



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