Designing the New Constitution for Human Rights Protection for a Reunified Korea

2019-02-28T19:41:55Z (GMT) by Yeawon Choi
Scholars anticipate Korean reunification in the near future as a result of North Korea's internal collapse. Thus, serious preparation for Korean reunification is necessary, especially to prevent human rights violations. The constitution with be a starting point and a key tool for building the cornerstone of a reunified Korea. Therefore, the goal of this thesis is to introduce a new constitution that provides human rights protection to all Koreans in the reunification era. I identify constitutional characters and factors by incorporating a definition of human rights and designing institutional support for the protection of those rights. Furthermore, I explore the current political institutions and cultures of South and North Korea in order to make the constitution practical for the context of a reunified Korea. Ultimately, I take the leading proposed draft of the new constitution for a reunified Korea (proposed by Cheol-Soo Kim,) and devise revisions and suggested additions that would strengthen a human rights regime in the post-reunified environment.