Development of an Intellectual Property Strategy: Research Notes to Support Department of Defense Programs

2014-10-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Charlene Gross
<p>Intellectual property (IP) is a critical consideration of most acquisitions that require sophisticated items or components and performance. Preparation of an intellectual property strategy is now a required element in Department of Defense acquisition guidance and major efforts such as Better Buying Power 2.0. The IP Strategy serves as a plan for competitive and affordable acquisition and sustainment of license rights in IP over the entire item or component lifecycle.</p> <p>This report is intended to help program managers understand categories of IP, various IP challenges, and approaches to assessing the license rights that the program needs for long-term execution and sustainment. Developing a strategy for the entire product lifecycle to obtain specific rights can be a major challenge. The program manager must now prepare the IP Strategy early in the development lifecycle, prior to release of the solicitation, and update it prior to each milestone.</p>


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