Differential photoproduction cross sections of the Σ0(1385), Λ(1405), and Λ(1520)

We report the exclusive photoproduction cross sections for the Σ0(1385), Λ(1405), and Λ(1520) in the reactions γ+p→K++Y∗ using the CLAS detector for energies from near the respective production thresholds up to a center-of-mass energy W of 2.85 GeV. The differential cross sections are integrated to give the total exclusive cross sections for each hyperon. Comparisons are made to current theoretical models based on the effective-Lagrangian approach and fit to previous data. The accuracy of these models is seen to vary widely. The cross sections for the Λ(1405) region are strikingly different for the Σ+π−, Σ0π0, and Σ−π+ decay channels, indicating the effect of isospin interference, especially at W values close to the threshold.



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