Dreaming in Isolation: Magical Realism in Modern Japanese Literature

2011-01-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Ida Mayer
<p>Introduction <br>I. Introduction</p> <p>Isolation<br>II. Emotionally isolated characters<br> III. Barriers between the public and private <br>IV. Mythic proportions <br>V. Escape through magic</p> <p>Dreaming <br>VI. A social unconscious and the metaphorical use of space <br>VII. ‘Living spirits’ in Japan’s literary traditions <br>VIII. Impact on the waking world <br>IX. Unprovable power</p> <p>Connections <br>X. Fiction and society <br>XI. Magic and the mundane <br>XII. Theme and genre <br>XIII. Between two people <br>XIV. Dreams and healing</p> <p>Conclusion <br>XV. Conclusion</p> <p>Appendices <br>A. Why these authors were chosen <br>B. Reading in Translation <br>C. International nature of the works</p> <p>Bibliography <br><br></p>


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