Experimental Evaluation of Nonlinear Feedback and Feedforward Control Schemes for Manipulators

1987-01-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Pradeep Khosla Takeo Kanade
<p>The manipulator trajectory tracking control problem revolves around computing the torques to be applied to achieve accurate tracking. While this problem has been extensively studied in simulations, the real-time results have been lacking in the robotics literature. In this paper, we present the experimental results of the real-time performance of model-based control algorithms. We compare the computed-torque control scheme with the feedforward dynamics compensation scheme. The feedforward scheme compensates for the manipulator dynamics in the feedforward path while the computed-torque scheme uses the dynamics in the feedback loop for linearization and decoupling. The manipulator control schemes have been implemented on the CMU DD Arm 11 with a sampling period of 2 ms.</p>