Pathways: Engaging Tech Workers In The Career Paths Of Underserved Youth

2019-07-10T19:32:36Z (GMT) by Zacharia Bachiri
In America’s cities, not all communities share equal access to economic opportunity and mobility. And while underserved communities of color are being pushed out of urban centers by rising costs of living, tech firms are moving in. As a result, these two communities may find themselves in close physical proximity, while socially and culturally separated. Despite this proximity, the tech industry lacks diversity in its workforce. While Black and Latinx Americans make up ~28% of the US workforce, they only make up ~15% of the high tech workforce. And among top tech firms, the numbers are much lower.
Pathways aims to leverage place-based mentorship to address issues of diversity in the industry and build bridges across communities. It is a digital-first mentor- ship program that makes it easy for tech workers to engage in mentorship and provides students with the resources and support for them to explore and pursue careers in tech. Consisting of a digital platform and a network of community centers, Pathways de-emphasizes skill building in favor of career exploration and efficacy building.




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