Short planar gradient coils for MR microscopy using concentric return paths.

2002-05-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Stephen J. Dodd Chien Ho

The aim of this work is to design a set of gradient coils with an optimal geometry for magnetic resonance microscopy studies. Designs for a three-axis gradient coil system particularly suited for studies with small radiofrequency coils are presented. The novel geometry involves a planar section with concentric return paths to keep the coil short. Reduction of the external field has been attempted by varying the positions of the return paths using a simulated annealing algorithm. A biplanar version of x- and z-directed prototype gradients was built and tested. A 2D-MR image of a grid phantom has been obtained on a 7-T MR instrument to demonstrate the theory. A three-axis set used as a surface gradient set has also been built and used to obtain high-resolution MR images.