Syntax-to-Morphology Mapping in Factored Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation from English to Turkish

2010-07-11T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Reyyan Yeniterzi Kemal Oflazer
We present a novel scheme to apply factored phrase-based SMT to a language pair with very disparate morphological structures. Our approach relies on syntactic analysis on the source side (English) and then encodes a wide variety of local and non-local syntactic structures as complex structural tags which appear as additional factors in the training data. On the target side (Turkish), we only perform morphological analysis and disambiguation but treat the complete complex morphological tag as a factor, instead of separating morphemes. We incrementally explore capturing various syntactic substructures as complex tags on the English side, and evaluate how our translations improve in BLEU scores. Our maximal set of source and target side transformations, coupled with some additional techniques, provide an 39% relative improvement from a baseline 17.08 to 23.78 BLEU, all averaged over 10 training and test sets. Now that the syntactic analysis on the English side is available, we also experiment with more long distance constituent reordering to bring the English constituent order close to Turkish, but find that these transformations do not provide any additional consistent tangible gains when averaged over the 10 sets.