TeleBYTE: Remote Controlled Electronic Switching System

<p>We propose to install a system that shall enable an electronic switching device interfaced with a computer to be controlled remotely using a smart device. A client running on the user’s computer would connect to a central server, over an Internet connection. The user could then use a HTTP/WAP protocol from a smart device to connect to the central server, and issue requests to control his device. </p> <p>In this report we describe happyRC.NET – the set of software and hardware setup that helps in addressing to the problem we have identified. We explain the methodology that this system has adopted to tackle the issue. We also explain the security considerations that we have focused on while designing the custom client server protocols. In the end, we conclude with possible enhancements in the pro ject that might take us to a whole new world of remotely operated gadgets in every home.</p>