Tricriticality and the Blume-Capel model: A Monte Carlo study within the microcanonical ensemble

1997-05-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Markus Deserno
<p>The microcanonical partition function Ω<sub>α,N</sub>(E) of a three-dimensional ferromagnetic simple cubic Blume-Capel model is calculated for several coupling ratios α close to and on the first-order side of the tricritical point. To this end a single Monte Carlo simulation of a suitably extended partition function for systems of L×L×L spins with L∈{8,10,12,14,18} was performed. A finite system analog of the latent heat is introduced in order to define a tricritical point in finite systems as well. An empirical scaling of its coordinates to the thermodynamic limit yields α<sup>(t)</sup>=2.84479±0.00030 for the tricritical coupling ratio, and k<sub>B</sub>T<sup>(t)</sup>/J=1.4182±0.0055 for the tricritical transition temperature. The results are compared with values obtained on fcc lattices.</p>



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