Well Played--Vol. 3, No. 1

2018-06-30T17:16:04Z (GMT) by Drew Davidson
<p>Assassin’s Creed III: The Complete Unofficial Guide, a Teacher’s Limited Edition <br>Wade Berger, Patrick Staley</p> <p>Fiasco and Failure: Uncovering Hidden Rules in a Story Game<br> Sean C. Duncan</p> <p>Ninja Gaiden Black and the Tutorial-Less Tutorial<br> Jason Mathias</p> <p>Interaction Images promote Character Identification in Heavy Rain<br> Michael Nixon, Jim Bizzocchi</p> <p>Replaying the remnants in Mark of the Ninja<br> Pierre-Marc Côté</p> <p>Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Values of Digital Objects in FarmVille2<br> Jane Gruning</p> <p>Ascension: a Case Study in Deckbuilding Games<br> Andy Nealen</p>