Well Played -- Vol.5, No.2

2018-06-30T17:13:44Z (GMT) by Drew Davidson
<p>PART 1: DIGRA</p> <ul> <li>EVE is Real: How conceptions of the 'real'affect and reflect an online game community</li> <li>Playing Across Media: Exploring Transtextuality in Competitive Games and eSports</li> <li>Authentic Portrayals of Game Culture? AContent Analysis of the Crowd-funded YouTube Documentary The Smash Brothers</li> </ul> PART 2: GAMES LEARNING SOCIETY <ul> <li>Love Is a Battlefield: A Comparative Analysis of Love as a Game Mechanic and Sartre’s Being and Nothingness</li> <li>Rocksmith 2014 – 60 Days of Variety,Feedback and Missions</li> <li>Intergenerational Gaming in Kerbal Space Program How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Youth AR Game Creation</li> <li>He Was The Most...Human: Ethical Play in Doki Doki Universe</li> <li>Prepare to Suffer with Paul & Mo: Let’s Play as Well Played</li> <li>“Any% No Sketch Glitch”: Speedrunning Final Fantasy VI and Expanding “Well Played”</li> <li>Ingress Well-Played: City as MMO</li> <li>Finding the beat: Cycles of expertise in rhythm games</li> </ul>