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Creative Chaos: Learning Lessons on Inclusion & Innovation (Second Edition)

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posted on 2022-08-26, 14:10 authored by Drew DavidsonDrew Davidson, et al

Creative Chaos describes the dynamic process of collaborative design and development within interdisciplinary teams as they work to create something together. Creativity is wonderfully complex and chaotic, and at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center we often describe what we do as “creative chaos” in that it’s not necessarily a process within which you ever have complete control.

To articulate what this means, this short book provides an overview of the ETC and our research on how diversity, inclusion and innovation are related, and also how we support these three associated ideas through our project-based curriculum. We then extrapolate from this to share some applicable best practices from the lessons we’ve been learning about the creative process and how best to support diverse teams and help them make the most of the creative chaos.




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