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Ritmo...El Eterno Organizador

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posted on 2019-06-25, 20:01 authored by Victoria Santa Cruz Gamarra, Susan PolanskySusan Polansky
In Ritmo … El Eternal Organizador, Victoria Santa Cruz explores the role of rhythm, its interconnections with equilibrium and health, and its roots in Afro-Peruvian folklore, dance, music, and art. This is a bilingual volume with an English translation by Susan G. Polansky.

Administrator Note (11/9/2020): The bilingual version of the file has been removed at the request of the rights holder. The English translation remains available.


Publisher Statement

Copyright Ediciones COPE 2004 Santa Cruz Gamarra, Victoria. Ritmo: El Eterno Organizador = Rhythm: the Eternal Organizer. PETROPERU Ediciones COPÉ, Departamento De Relaciones Públicas De PetroPerú, 2004.



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