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Technical and Military Strategies of Cyberwarfare and Its Role in International Relations

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posted on 2023-10-18, 13:35 authored by Ben RaczBen Racz

The increasing incidents of cyberwarfare, particularly from groups linked to organized crime in countries like Russia and China, shows the evolving nature of cyber threats. It becomes evident that achieving absolute cyber security is impossible; the current strategy making attacks less lucrative and making breach detection easy. There are several methods used to secure IT systems. Passwords, especially complex ones, often serve as a primary line of defense against unauthorized access. Passwords are however not foolproof and can be compromised. In this work, we will be taking a look at the intricacies and vulnerabilities associated with password security, highlighting the potential risks associated with overdependence on them and the place of multi-factor authentication in cyber-security as well as the issues associated with weak Wi-Fi security in houses and businesses, along with vulnerabilities in popular messaging platforms. 

This work also explores the various kinds of hackers, emphasizing the differences between skilled professionals, security specialists, and others commonly mislabeled by the media. 


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