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The Art Exhibit at ICIDS 2019 Art Book: The Expression of Emotion in Humans and Technology

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posted on 2020-12-15, 22:00 authored by Ryan Brown, Brian Salisbury

This volume collects documentation of the 2019 International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) Art Exhibition and new scholarly texts from the artists involved. The works collected here explore interactive storytelling through the broad lens of the curated theme: The Expression of Emotion in Humans and Technology.

Charles Darwin argued almost 150 years ago, the Universal Nature of Expression; which is to say that, “the young and the old of widely different races, both with man and animals, express the same state of mind by the same movements.” As technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence advances, it seems appropriate to ask how we might interpret and understand expressions of emotion from technology.

Since 2013, the ICIDS Art Exhibition has been chronicled online, as well as documented in a printed catalogue. In 2017, the ICIDS Art Exhibition expanded its textural scholarship to document the work presented by collecting textual scholarship from the subset of the artist involved. This volume is a collection of documents from the 2019 exhibition, held in connection with the ICIDS conference at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, USA November 19-22, 2019.

This extended format provides the artists a space to state their processes, unpack arguments, and show supporting evidence to what is possible in the field of interactive narrative.







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