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The NFT Art Marketplace: Trends and Considerations

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posted on 2022-03-11, 16:16 authored by Brett CrawfordBrett Crawford, Lutie RodriguezLutie Rodriguez

This collection of essay offers the reader a framework for understanding the 2021 cultural explosion of NFT art in context with the history of crypto-art, the arts marketplace and the blockchain ecosystem. Comprised of 5 essays, The NFT Art Marketplace presents 5 uniquely different interpretations of the impact of NFT’s. Each essay begins with a short ‘what and how’ of blockchain and NFTs so that the interested reader can read the essays in any order.

Yet, in 5 short essays the text presents a strong understanding of not only the history and the marketplace of this emerging art form but the complex set of technologies that are used in its creation and exchange. While NFT’s may feel like a 2021 phenom, they are but one example of a mode of technological disruption that artists and arts managers will be working with for years to come.







Carnegie Mellon University: ETC Press

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