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Agent-Based Modeling of Collaboration and Work Practices Onboard the International Space Station

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conference contribution
posted on 17.03.2021, 21:55 by Alessandro AcquistiAlessandro Acquisti, Maarten Sierhuis, William J Clancey, Jeffrey Bradshaw
The International Space Station is one the most complex projects ever, with numerous interdependent constraints affecting productivity and crew safety. This requires planning years before crew expeditions, and the use of sophisticated scheduling tools. Human work practices, however, are difficult to study and represent within traditional planning tools. We present an agent-based model and simulation of the activities and work practices of astronauts onboard the ISS. The model represents "a day in the life" of the ISS crew and is developed in Brahms--- an agent-oriented, activity-based language used to model knowledge in situated action and learning in human activities

Presented at the 11th Conference on Computer-Generated Forces and Behavior Representation, May 7-9, 2002.




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