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Human-Agent Teamwork and Adjustable Autonomy in Practice

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conference contribution
posted on 17.03.2021, 19:36 by Maarten Sierhuis, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Alessandro AcquistiAlessandro Acquisti, Ron van Hoof, Renia Jeffers, Andrzej Uszok
This paper outlines a preliminary perspective on teamwork and adjustable autonomy in groups involving a mix of humans and autonomous agents. Unlike other approaches to agent teamwork, a humancentered perspective to human-agent interaction is used. The paper describes how we are integrating the Brahms and KAoS agent frameworks in order to model and simulate realistic work situations in space and to support the design of robotic and software agents for human-agent teamwork.

Presented at the 7th International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation in Space: i-SAIRAS 2003, Nara, Japan, May 19-23, 2003




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