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Representation and Reasoning for DAML-Based Policy and Domain Services in KAoS and Nomads

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conference contribution
posted on 05.11.2020, 19:57 by J Bradshaw, A Uszok, R Jeffers, N Suri, P Hayes, M Burstein, Alessandro Acquisti, B Benyo, M Breedy, M Carvalho, D Diller, M Johnson, S Kulkarni, J Lott, M Sierhuis, R Van Hoof
To increase the assurance with which agents can be deployed in operational settings, we have been developing the KAoS policy and domain services. In conjunction with Nomads strong mobility and safe execution features, KAoS services and tools allow for the specification, management, conflict resolution, and enforcement of DAML-based policies within the specific contexts established by complex organizational structures. In this paper, we will discuss results, issues, and lessons learned in the development of these representations, tools, and services and their use in military and space applications.


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Published in the Proceedings of the 2nd International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems, July 2003, pp 835-842