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The 1997 CMU Sphinx-3 English Broadcast News Transcription System

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conference contribution
posted on 2022-12-21, 19:43 authored by K Seymore, Ronald RosenfeldRonald Rosenfeld, S Chen, Maxine EskenaziMaxine Eskenazi, E Gouvea, Raj ReddyRaj Reddy, M Ravishankar, M Siegler, Richard SternRichard Stern, E Thayer

 This paper describes the 1997 Hub-4 Broadcast News Sphinx3 speech recognition system. This year’s system includes fullbandwidth acoustic models trained on Broadcast News and Wall Street Journal acoustic training data, an expanded vocabulary, and a 4-gram language model for N-best list rescoring. The system structure, acoustic and language models, and adaptation components are described in detail, and results are presented to establish the contributions of multiple recognition passes. Additionally, experimental results are presented for several different acoustic and language model configurations 




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