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Towards the Usability of Reactive Synthesis: Building Blocks of Temporal Logic

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conference contribution
posted on 2023-03-30, 16:43 authored by Raven Rothkopf, Angel Leyi Cui, Hannah Tongxin Zeng, Arya Sinha, Mark Santolucito

Temporal logic specifications can be used to synthesize reactive systems by writing high-level descriptions of desired behavior, without the need to manually program a complete system. While synthesis from temporal logics has long been focused on hardware systems, recent work has expanded applications of synthesis to include areas of broader interest, such as mobile apps, visualization, and self-driving cars. These new application areas have the potential to bring new types of users into the synthesis community, but significant usability hurdles remain. In this work, we investigate how Temporal Stream Logic (TSL), a temporal logic specification language, can be made more usable and approachable to programmers of all skill levels. We propose a study design to evaluate the usefulness of an alternative interface for writing TSL to address the syntactic hurdle of temporal logic. We then outline areas for improvement and exploration in TSL and reactive synthesis as a whole.


NSF Grant #2105208

Barnard Summer Research Institute and the Barnard Provost's Office