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Energy consumption data for package delivery with an Uncrewed Ground Vehicle

The purpose of this experiment was to empirically measure the energy use of uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs) carrying a range of payloads on different routes, terrains, temperatures and speeds. We manually operated a modified Husky A200 robot platform (Husky) on four different routes, which differ both in total distance and vertical gradient. We simultaneously collected data from a broad range of sensors on the Husky.

The onboard sensors used to collect data on the Husky are:
* Position: 3DM-GX5-45 GNSS/INS sensor pack. These sensors use a built-in Kalman filtering system to fuse the GPS and IMU data. The sensor has a maximum output rate of 10Hz.
* Current and Voltage: Mauch Electronics PL-200 sensor. This sensor can record currents up to 200 A and voltages up to 33 V. Analogue readings from the sensor were converted into a digital format using an 8 channel 17 bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).
* Temperature and humidity: Bosch BME280 sensor. The sensor measures relative humidity with ±3% accuracy, and temperature with ± 1.0°C accuracy. The ideal operating range for this sensor is 0°C to 65°C.

An on-board computer was used to operate the Husky and post-process the data. The on-board computer was an Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH with a 512 GB solid state drive (SSD) and 8 GB of memory. This computer ran the Melodic distribution of the Robotic Operating System (ROS), on top of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system. Data syncing and recording was enabled through ROS running on a low-power Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Raspberry Pi's microSD card served as the data store. The data streams from each sensor were synchronized to a frequency of approximately 10Hz using the ApproximateTime message filter policy of Robot Operating System (ROS).

There are a total of 92 trials across varying routes, payloads and speeds. The concatenated dataset has 386,369 rows of data and 27 columns.


This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office, Award Number DE-EE0008463.




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