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Insulation impedance measurements of parylene thin-films with ceramics and silicon chips in PBS

posted on 13.02.2019, 20:15 by Mats ForssellMats Forssell, Gary FedderGary Fedder
This dataset contains electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements of thin-film parylene insulating samples in phosphate-buffered saline, for durations up to six months. Samples with various modifications were studied, including additional ceramic layers and the presence of embedded silicon chips in the samples.

The purpose of these experiments is to quantify the longevity of parylene insulation used for neural probes.

This dataset is referenced in:
Forssell, Mats (2019): Long-term Insulation of Active Electronics Embedded in Compliant Neural Probes.


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) ElectRx Program, Doug Weber as Program Manager, Award # HR0011-15-2-0009.