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Multiple serial sectional inclusion SEM analysis of a ladle sample and a tundish sample from the same heat

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posted on 2021-08-18, 18:44 authored by Mohammad AbdulsalamMohammad Abdulsalam, Michael Jacobs, Bryan Webler
Two separate files are included in this dataset. They are a compilation of multiple cross-sectional SEM inclusion analyses of the same area, for 2 samples. Both samples are from the same heat, one from the lade metallurgy furnace (LMF) and the other from the tundish.
The SEM analysis was carried out at Carnegie Mellon University using a Thermo Fisher / FEI Aspex Explorer, at 10 kV accelerating voltage. The data is filtered to remove non-inclusions (pores and erroneous readings).
For each sample, a specified area was marked and analyzed in the SEM. Then the surface was polished to remove several micrometers and reanalyzed again in the SEM. This process was reiterated to obtain multiple serial sections (i.e. 3D inclusion distribution). Five serial sections were analyzed for the LMF sample, and six for the tundish sample. Inclusions' z coordinate was calculated based on the amount of material removed between sections.






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