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eVTOL Battery Dataset

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posted on 2021-03-18, 21:58 authored by Alexander BillsAlexander Bills, Venkatasubramanian ViswanathanVenkatasubramanian Viswanathan, Shashank SripadShashank Sripad, Evan Frank, Devin Charles, William Leif Fredericks
A dataset of lithium ion battery discharge data including voltage, temperature, and current from eVTOL duty cycles.

The baseline profile is:
- High power discharge (takeoff)
- Low power discharge (cruise)
- High power discharge (landing)
- Rest to allow temperature to moderate
- Constant current charge
- Constant voltage charge
- Rest

This dataset varies parameters such as ambient temperature, cruise length, aircraft power, charge current, and others which eVTOLs may regularly encounter during flight. It is intended to assist with the development of algorithms to manage electric aircraft batteries, including state of charge and state of health estimation, lifetime prediction, and others.


Airbus A^3