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posted on 2021-05-07, 18:53 authored by Future Tenant GalleryFuture Tenant Gallery, Cheli Kahn
At Future Tenant we are glad to support all organizations with a mission to better our community, especially if doing so involves innovative forms of art. It is for this reason that we are happy to announce our collaboration with Tree Pittsburgh, a nonprofit organization with a vision to be a leader in creating a healthy, attractive and safe urban forest by inspiring and engaging citizens to maintain, plant and protect trees. But what do trees have to do with an art gallery you may ask? Tree Pittsburgh encourages artists to create art from salvaged and reclaimed wood and then features these creations at their annual fundraiser, Arbor Aid. Some of our staff members had the pleasure to attend this year's event and are happy to announce that we will be bringing some of our favorite Arbor Aid featured pieces to the space for an exhibit that will run from January 18- February 3, 2013!

Curated by Cheli Kahn




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