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Future Ten 2013

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posted on 12.03.2021, 18:05 by Future Tenant GalleryFuture Tenant Gallery, Brad Stephenson
The 10th anniversary of Future Ten, the Future Tenant's annual 10-minute play festival! This year we present the best in shows from the past decade of Future Ten!

Six of the plays are by three playwrights. Gayle Pazerski contributes “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (about a pair of Civil War reenactors) and “When I Do the Hoochy Coochy in the Sky” (about a young couple, new to town, answering a personals ad). From Robert Isenberg, there’s “Intermezzo” (about a couple coming to a relationship crossroads at the opera) and “Post-Script” (about an action-movie hero after the credits roll). And Joe Lyons contributes “Purgatoriography” — about two unlikely companions in “a surprisingly boring afterlife” — and “The Unbearable Lightness of Eating,” concerning “the unsung heroes in the world of competitive eating.” Arthur M. Jolly’s “Four Senses of Love” is about two people who’ve lost their senses of taste and touch. And Fred Betzner’s “12 Sided Die” is built around, you guessed it, a games of Dungeons and Dragons.

Future Ten 10 is produced by Betzker and Brad Stephenson. And the shows are directed by local talent including John Lane, Don DiGiulio, Todd Betker and Joanna Lowe.

October 18 - 26, 2013




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