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The Image Obsessed: Documentationings from Under the Starless and Bible Black Roof of 312 Barnes

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posted on 2021-05-07, 18:59 authored by Future Tenant GalleryFuture Tenant Gallery, Michael Benedetti
This one-man show is a documentation of the evolution of very specific imagery that has been oozing out of the mind of a twenty-something hermit, who has spent the past two years huddled under a thatched roof in Regent Square.

Michael Benedetti presents you with an offering of two-dimensional visual stimulation involving the relationship between man and machine, comic books, and geometry.

His recent rash of work is presented as technically proficient blue-printings. The works are meant to show the similarities between human form and the complex structure of machinery. Images have been repeatedly drawn, printed, traced, burned, cut, licked, and then drawn again – all to resemble the long lost organic tools and machines used to build the Great Pyramid of Giza.

June 29 - July 15, 2012




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