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Preparing Teachers to Teach Writing Using Technology

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posted on 02.12.2013 by Kristine E. Pytash

Foreword by David Reinking... XIII
Preface... XVI

Section I: Preservice Teacher Methods Courses
Chapter 1 Exploring Multimodal Composing Processes with Pre-Service Teachers... 1..... Ryan M Rish
Chapter 2 Developing Preservice Teachers for 21st Century Teaching: Inquiry, the Multigenre Research Paper, and Technology..... 17..... Carol Wickstrom
Chapter 3 No more index cards! No notebooks! Pulling new paradigms through to practice..... 43..... Nanci Werner-Burke & Dawna Vanderpool
Chapter 4 Exploring Writing with iPads: Instructional Change for Pre-Service Educators..... 57..... Joan Rhodes

Section II-- In-service Teacher Methods Courses
Chapter 5 Fostering Student Writing-to-Learn through App Affordances..... 71 .....Richard Beach & David O’Brien
Chapter 6 Virtual worlds, videogames and writing instruction: Exploring games-based writing practices across content areas..... 83..... Hannah Gerber & Debra Price
Chapter 7 Engaging Teachers in Digital Products and Processes: Interview Feature Articles..... 97..... Susan D Martin & Sherry Dismuke

Section III-- Working with Teachers in the K-12 Setting
Chapter 8 Helping teachers make the shift: Professional development for renovated writing instruction..... 111 Vicki S Collet
Chapter 9 Teaching Long-Term English Learners to Write in Content Areas:
The Application of Dynamic and Supportive Instruction..... 125.. Nancy Akhavan
Chapter 10 Technology and Writing Instruction: Three Cases in a Title I Elementary School .....137 ..Beverly McIntyre

Section IV Beyond Professional Development
Chapter 11 Write, Respond, Repeat: A Model for Teachers’ Professional Writing Groups in a Digital Age ....149 ....Troy Hicks, Erin Busch-Grabmeyer, Jeremy Hyler, & Amanda Smoker
Chapter 12 Comic life + writing = motivated student writers: Incorporating visual graphics to teach writing..... 163 .....Lynda Valerie & Farough Abed

Section V Composition Coursework
Chapter 13 Errors and expectations in the electronic era..... 181....Jesse Kavadlo
Chapter 14 E-feedback focused on students’ discussion to guide collaborative writing in online learning environments..... 195.....Teresa Guasch, Anna Espasa & Paul A Kirschner
Chapter 15 Writing with Wikipedia: Building ethos through collaborative academic research...... 209 .....Frances Di Lauro & Angela M Shetler

Section VI Conclusion
Chapter 16 Assessing the impact of technology on preparing teachers to write using technology.....227 .....Kristine E Pytash, Richard E Ferdig, & Timothy V Rasinski


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