Site Selection for Location of Community Corrections Centers

2002-01-01T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Michael P. Johnson
Community corrections centers (CCCs) are known to be an effective criminal justice strategy. However, location of CCCs is challenging: residents of potential destination communities often regard them as “undesirable” land uses. We develop a methodology by which a small set of feasible CCC locations may be identified from a larger initial set using data on neighborhood characteristics and currently operating CCCs. This methodology is based on a multi-stakeholder deliberative process and spatial analysis. Results from this process may be used as inputs to models that identify CCC sites that optimize various policy criteria. We apply a portion of this methodology to data from Pittsburgh, PA and demonstrate that the process is reasonable in terms of data requirements, stakeholder preference elicitation and outcomes generation. Preliminary results indicate a set of potential CCC sites are selected that is more diverse than that which might be identified using real estate or community corrections expertise alone.