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ANALYTICS I: A Conceptual Framework for The SYMBOL, TRUTH, and ARGUE Programs, Apple II Plus Versions

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posted on 01.01.1983, 00:00 authored by Preston K. Covey

The ANALYTICS package of computer-assisted instruction programs for the Apple II Plus presently consists of the following three programs: SYMBOL, which generates symbolization exercises (with answers) in sentential logic; TRUTH, which generates exercises (and guidance) in the truth-functional analysis of sentential connectives; and ARGUE, which provides guidance in formal derivations and the reconstruction of English arguments in valid deductive form. Each of these programs provides guided practice with tools and techniques of formal logic that are essential not only to learning the apparatus of elementary symbolic logic but also to understanding the formal dimensions of argument reconstruction and analysis. This manual attempts to provide a conceptual framework for understanding the curricula of the programs and the applications of what they help teach. ANALYTICS// provides instructions for running the SYMBOL and TRUTH programs, with illustrative interactions. ANALYTICS/// does the same for the ARGUE program.


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