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A Bibliography on Knowledge-Based Expert Systems in Engineering

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posted on 01.12.1984, 00:00 by Duvvuru Sriram

The number of papers published in the applications of knowledge-based expert systems (KBES) to engineering problems in the last decade reflects the interest being shown in the engineering community. The intent of this report is to provide an annotated bibliography of the applications of KBES in engineering. The first four sections deal with applications in Civil (including Architecture and Geology), Chemical, Electrical and Computer, and Mechanical Engineering. Some papers which are common to engineering design, in general, are outlined in Section 5. A number of domain independent tools are discussed in Section 6. Section 7 contains a list of books for general reading. A list of relevant conferences and journals is provided in Section a

The bibliography is by no means complete and the author would appreciate pointers to other literature in the area for inclusion in a future update. A forthcoming special issue of ACM SIGART newsletter on applications of Artificial Intelligence to engineering problems will have further references. Some of these references are taken from NTIS citations from the INSPEC data base; these references contain the word [NTIS]..


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