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A Multi-Pollutant Modeling Framework for Carbon Management Technologies

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journal contribution
posted on 01.05.2001 by Edward Rubin, Anand S. Rao, Michael B. Berkenpas
As part of DOE/NETL’s Carbon Sequestration Program, we are developing an integrated, multi-pollutant modeling framework to evaluate the costs and performance of alternative carbon capture and sequestration technologies for fossil-fueled power plants. The model calculates emissions, costs, and efficiency on a systematic basis at the level of an individual plant or facility. Both new and existing facilities can be modeled, including coal-based or natural gas-based combustion or gasification systems using air or oxygen. CO2 storage options include various types of geologic formations, as well as ocean and terrestrial sinks. A key feature of the integrated modeling framework is the explicit characterization of uncertainties in model inputs and results using a probabilistic (stochastic simulation) capability. This capability provides quantitative estimates of the technological and economic risks associated with alternative CO2 capture and sequestration technologies. This paper reviews the goals and scope of this project and presents preliminary results for the case of carbon capture from coal combustion.