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A performance comparison of on-demand multicast routing protocols for ad hoc networks

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posted on 2000-06-01, 00:00 authored by Jorjeta G. Jetcheva, David B. Johnson
Abstract: "In this paper, we present a comparative performance evaluation of three general-purpose on-demand multicast protocols, namely ADMR, MAODV, and ODMRP, focusing on the effects of changes such as increasing number of multicast receivers or sources, application sending pattern, and increasing number of nodes in the network. We use mobile networks composed of 100 or 200 nodes, with both a single active multicast group and multiple active multicast groups in the network, in a wide range of multicast scenarios. Although some simulation results for these protocols have been published before, the three protocols have not been compared, and prior studies have focused on smaller networks using a small set of simulation scenarios, many with only a single active multicast group. We focus here on the effects of the protocol's relative degree of on-demand behavior and their performance in different multicast scenarios."




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