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A rotational and axial motion system load frame insert for in situ high energy x-ray studies

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posted on 01.09.2015, 00:00 authored by Paul A. Shade, Basil Blank, Jay C. Schuren, Todd J. Turner, Peter Kenesei, Kurt Goetze, Robert SuterRobert Suter, Joel V. Bernier, Shiu Fai Li, Jonathan Lind, Ulrich Lienert, Jonathan Almer

High energy x-ray characterization methods hold great potential for gaining insight into the behavior of materials and providing comparison datasets for the validation and development of mesoscale modelingtools. A suite of techniques have been developed by the x-ray community for characterizing the 3Dstructure and micromechanical state of polycrystalline materials; however, combining these techniques with in situ mechanical testing under well characterized and controlled boundary conditions has been challenging due to experimental design requirements, which demand new high-precision hardware as well as access to high-energy x-ray beamlines. We describe the design and performance of a load frame insert with a rotational and axial motion system that has been developed to meet these requirements. An example dataset from a deforming titanium alloy demonstrates the new capability.


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