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Afterland–From well theorized to well learned?

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posted on 24.10.2019, 01:34 by Konstantin Mitgutsch, Matthew Weise
Afterland is a recursive learning game, based on a theoretical framework, and designed at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab as a research tool. The game uses subversive game design elements to challenge players’ expectations and force them to rethink their conceptual framework. The following paper gives insights into the theoretical background and outlines the application of pedagogical theories to the game design process. Video games that shaped our understanding of subversive game design for recursive learning are discussed and discoveries made through developing the game are shared. It will be shown how a learning theory can be translated into game design patterns. In addition, to that the disparity between a well played, well designed and well learned game will be examined and exemplified. Hereby, we will highlight how diverse the players’ experiences of playing and learning in and through Afterland have been and where educational design reaches its limit.




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