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An Algorithm to Estimate Manipulator Dynamics Parameters

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posted on 01.01.1987, 00:00 authored by Pradeep Khosla, Takeo Kanade

This paper presents algorithms for identifying parameters of an N degrees-of-freedom robotic manipulator. First, we outline the fundamental properties of the Newton-Euler formulation of robot dynamics from the view point of parameter identification. We then show that the Newton-Euler model which is nonlinear in the dynamic parameters can be transformed into an equivalent modified model which is linear in dynamic parameters. We develop both on-line and off-line parameter estimation procedures. To illustrate our approach, we identify the dynamic parameters of the cylindrical robot, and the three degree-of-freedom positioning system of the CMU Direct-Drive Arm II. The experimental implementation of our algorithm to estimate the dynamics parameters of the six degrees-of-freedom CMU DD Arm 11 is also presented.




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