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An Experimental Analysis of a Compact Graph Representation

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posted on 01.03.2009, 00:00 by Daniel K. Blandford, Guy E. Blelloch, Ian A. Kash
In previous work we described a method for compactly representing graphs with small separators, which makes use of small separators, and presented preliminary experimental results. In this paper we extend the experimental results in several ways, including extensions for dynamic insertion and deletion of edges, a comparison of a variety of coding schemes, and an implementation of two applications using the representation. The results show that the representation is quite effective for a wide variety of real-world graphs, including graphs from finite-element meshes, circuits, street maps, router connectivity, and web links. In addition to significantly reducing the memory requirements, our implementation of the representation is faster than standard representations for queries. The byte codes we introduce lead to DFT times that are a factor of 2.5 faster than our previous results with gamma codes and a factor of between 1 and 9 faster than adjacency lists, while using a factor of between 3 and 6 less space.




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