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An Integrated System for Autonomous Robotics Manipulation

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posted on 2012-10-01, 00:00 authored by J. Andrew Bagnell, Felipe Cavalcanti, Lei Cui, Thomas Galluzzo, Martial Hebert, Moslem Kazemi, Matthew Klingensmith, Jacqueline LibbyJacqueline Libby, Tian Yu Liu, Nancy Pollard, Mihail Pivtoraiko, Jean-Sebastien ValoisJean-Sebastien Valois, Ranqi Zhu

We describe the software components of a robotics system designed to autonomously grasp objects and perform dexterous manipulation tasks with only high-level supervision. The system is centered on the tight integration of several core functionalities, including perception, planning and control, with the logical structuring of tasks driven by a Behavior Tree architecture. The advantage of the implementation is to reduce the execution time while integrating advanced algorithms for autonomous manipulation. We describe our approach to 3- D perception, real-time planning, force compliant motions, and audio processing. Performance results for object grasping and complex manipulation tasks of in-house tests and of an independent evaluation team are presented.




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