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Analysis of a family of algorithms for the evaluation of a polynomial and some of its derivatives

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posted on 01.12.2005, 00:00 authored by Mary Shaw, J. F.(Joseph Frederick) Traub

We have previously presented a new one parameter family of algorithms and a program for evaluating the first m derivatives of a polynomial of degree n. In this paper we analyze that family of algorithms and present practical algorithms for selecting optimal or good values of the parameter q.

A program for selecting the optimal value of q under the constraint that q divides n+1 is given. We also analyze a program that eliminates that constraint and a simple program that selects a good, but not always optimal, value of q. We derive bounds on how close to optimal the "good" value will be.

The above results apply for n > 12. We extend the results to all n by tabulating the cost function for n≤12.

Some open questions on extensions of our results are stated




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