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Architecture Reconstruction Case Study

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posted on 01.04.2003, 00:00 by Liam O'Brien, Christoph Stoermer
This report outlines an architecture reconstruction carried out at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) on a software system called VANISH that was developed for prototyping visualizations. The goals of the reconstruction were to understand the existing VANISH system and to use a new architecture reconstruction tool, called ARMIN, for the reconstruction, while ensuring that ARMIN has at least the same capabilities as the Dali Architecture Reconstruction Workbench. During the reconstruction several architectural views were generated through abstraction of low-level information extracted from the system. These views show the components of the system and the interfaces among them. The ARMIN tool provides the ability to visualize, navigate, and manipulate the set of views generated, and yields results technically compatible with the Dali Workbench but with improved presentation and layout




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