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AutoMap 1.2 : extract, analyze, represent, and compare mental models from texts

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posted on 2004-01-01, 00:00 authored by Jana Diesner, Kathleen CarleyKathleen Carley
Abstract: "AutoMap 1.2 is a network text analysis tool that extracts, analyzes, represents, and compares mental models from texts. Network text analysis is a specific text analysis method that encodes links between words in a text and builds a network of the linked words. Computational analysis of networks pulled out of textual data is a growing area of research for the following reasons: The large and still growing number of electronically available texts requires the investigation of appropriate methods and tools to analyze large scale collections of texts effectively and efficiently. Today's communication theories are oriented towards complex, large-scale systems, and therefore require methods that provide multi-level access to the meaning of textual data. AutoMap helps users to analyze textual data according to the current requirements."


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