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Automatic Weight Learning for Multiple Data Sources when Learning from Demonstration

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posted on 2009-05-01, 00:00 authored by Brenna Argall, Brett Browning, Manuela M. Veloso

Traditional approaches to programming robots are generally inaccessible to non-robotics-experts. A promising exception is the learning from demonstration paradigm. Here a policy mapping world observations to action selection is learned, by generalizing from task demonstrations by a teacher. Most learning from demonstration work to date considers data from a single teacher. In this paper, we consider the incorporation of demonstrations from multiple teachers. In particular, we contribute an algorithm that handles multiple data sources, and additionally reasons about reliability differences between them. For example, multiple teachers could be inequally proficient at performing the demonstrated task. We introduce Demonstration Weight Learning (DWL) as a learning from demonstration algorithm that explicitly represents multiple data sources and learns to select between them, based on their observed reliability and according to an adaptive expert learning inspired approach. We present a first implementation of DWL within a simulated robot domain. Data sources are shown to differ in reliability, and weighting is found impact task execution success. Furthermore, DWL is shown to produce appropriate data source weights that improve policy performance.