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Capability Maturity Model for Software

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posted on 01.01.1991, 00:00 by Mark Paulk, Bill Curtis, Mary Beth C. Chrissis

This paper provides a technical overview of the Capability Maturity Model for Software and reflects the most current version. Specifically, this paper describes the process maturity framework, the structural additions that comprise the CMM, how the CMM is used in practice, and future directions of the CMM. This paper serves as one of the best sources for understanding the CMM, and it should clear up some of the misconceptions associated with the earlier model and questionnaire. The SEI's goal in working with industry and government to refine and expand the model is to encourage software organizations to focus on the CMM rather than on the maturity questionnaire. The SEI has developed a series of new products to encourage this focus. This paper, in combination with the Key Practices of the Capability Maturity Model, is intended to help software organizations use the CMM as a guide to improve the maturity of their software process.




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