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Citrine: Providing Intelligent Copy-and-Paste

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posted on 01.10.2004, 00:00 by Jeffrey Stylos, Brad A. Myers, Andrew Faulring
We present Citrine, a system that extends the widespread copy-and-paste interaction technique with intelligent transformations, making it useful in more situations. Citrine uses text parsing to find the structure in copied text and allows users to paste the structured information, which might have many pieces, in a single paste operation. For example, using Citrine, a user can copy the text of a meeting request and add it to the Outlook calendar with a single paste. In applications such as Excel, users can teach Citrine by example how to copy and paste data by showing it which fields go into which columns, and can use this to copy or paste many items at a time in a user-defined manner. Citrine can be used with a wide variety of applications and types of data and can be easily extended to work with more. It currently includes parsers that recognize contact information, calendar appointments and bibliographic citations. It works with Internet Explorer, Outlook, Excel, Palm Desktop, EndNote and other applications. Citrine is available to download on the internet.


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